Employability Development

Employability Development – A Pre-Employment Training Programme

First time employees in the organized sectors have difficulty findings jobs and when they do find jobs, have problems holding on to them. Most of them do not know what real employment means i.e., what the employer expects from them and what they in turn can expect from the employer. While employers expect workers to have and display a good work ethic, be honest, punctual and disciplined, most first-time employees do not quite understand these requirements and see employment, mainly as a means of earning money to support the family or themselves and more often to support a unrealistic life style.

Government of India has set up the National Skills Development Council (NSDC) to meet the shortage of skills and competent labour. The objective of NSDC is to give millions of individuals’ vocational and technical skills which are geared towards gainful employment. However, these vocational and technical training programmes do not focus on a pre-employment training which deal with the self-development strategies such as learning styles, right attitude towards employment, self esteem, coping skills, setting goals and career planning, understanding one’s needs, interests and values, developing a healthy life style ...etc. It is these values and strategies which will enable a first time employee to make good decisions and choose a course of study suitable to his ability and interests.

A high level of attrition was the prime problem faced by both the employers and most first time employees alike. (One of the problems with first time employees is the high levels of attrition.) Employers may ask persons to leave because of mediocre performance, bad attitude, lack of work ethics, indiscipline, refusal to learn and adapt etc. The employee may leave because the job doesn’t match his / her interest or skills; his / her inability to getting along with people including the supervisor; his / her poor understanding of the Company’s rules etc. This gap between the employee and employer’s need and expectations leads to attrition.

The Employability Development Training would strive to :

  •   Introduce young people to the world of work

  •   Enable confident and effortless entry into the organized workforce

  •   Provide understanding of workplace requirements

  •   Help first-time employees act responsibly towards the employer and co-workers.

The target population for the programme would be young people

  •   From socially deprived communities.

  •   With at least 8 and not more than 12 years of formal schooling and been out of school for several years.

  •   With limited reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

  •   With some work experience most likely in the unorganized sector. i.e. agriculture, road construction, small roadside workshops etc.

This programme can also add value for the final year students of ITI, Polytechnics, Engineering, Arts and Science Colleges in enhancing their employability skills along with their theoretical/technical knowledge.The module of the Pre-Employment Training Programme would primarily be focussing on the following four concepts:

Personal Skills :

Understanding oneself, Goal Setting, Coping Strategies, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Attitude, Personal Hygiene and Grooming

Work Skills :

Understanding employment, learning to do the job, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Getting along with people at work, workplace Reading and Writing Skills, Workplace Communication Skills, and Adjusting to diverse workforce situations

Work Habits :

Punctuality and Attendance, Work Ethics, Safety & First Aid, Housekeeping