Recruitment Services

Every organization that is successful would comprise of capable and concerned employees who have high job satisfaction. To find a perfect match is not an easy assignment for the top management, but the credibility goes to the designing of the Testing and Recruitment Process adopted by them.

Strategies for Recruitment and Selection

Based on Client requirement, the Centre can design appropriate ‘Testing and Recruitment’ procedures. It can also administer select tests from the existing battery of psychometric tests. Our recruitment services include the following, turn-key, partial or executive search

  •   Skills Assessments

  •   The Centre understands the work culture and training needs of the local workforce

  •   Design & Validation of Tests

  •   Pre Testing

  •   Coordination for Advertisement Launches

  •   Handling Responses

  •   Sorting, Processing and Data entry

  •   Venue Finalization

  •   Sending out Call Letters

  •   Administration of Tests* (See below)

  •   Short listing of Candidates

  •   Conducting Interviews

Paper Pencil tests to assess knowledge, skills and aptitude.

  •   Logical Reasoning – Standard, Advanced & Colored

  •   Mechanical Reasoning – Differential Aptitude tests

  •   Numerical Ability – Custom built tests to assess the arithmetic skills and accuracy

  •   English – Custom built to assess the comprehension / communication skills

  •   Psycho-diagnostic tests – to assess the ability of people to perform repetitive, accurate jobs over a long period. (tests speed, accuracy, quality and quantity of work)

Manual dexterity tests

  •    Finger dexterity – tests the ability and speed of a person to handle delicate and fine objects using the fingers

  •   Gross manual dexterity - tests the ability to maneuver objects with the fingers. Both quality and quality of output are tested

  •   Hand steadiness - tests the fine motor steadiness during a target aiming test.

  •   Neuro muscular coordination - tests the degree of coordination between the mind & hand.

Group exercises : to determine teamwork and leadership skills are also included.

Physical fitness tests – to check the endurance of candidates

Personal Interviews – to arrive at a preliminary shortlist of candidates based on the performance in different tests. Collect information on personal, academic & technical background.

Our Selection and Recruitment process is one of the most robust and effective ways to find out if the candidate is fit for the job. It is really important for us to use the right tools and methods in making the right selection. It's a chance for employer to see how you behave in a range of realistic work-based situations.

Benefits :

  •    Presents the company in a positive and professional manner

  •   Brief and meticulous process to screen large numbers of candidates

  •   Transparent and Impartial process.

  •   Cost effective