Training Services

CVE & WD, with its more than 20 years of on-field training experience with the target population, has designed a Pre-Employment training programme to help the young person to enter the world of work by closing the gap existing between his / her needs for gainful employment and expectations as well as the Employer’s expectations. It acts as a representative for the Industry – Institution Linkage.

CVE & WD works on the following programmes designed for specific needs:

  •   Employability Development Programme

  •   Induction training programme for the industry

  •   Employee Empowerment Programme

  •   Company Specific Training programme (In house training school)

Training solutions – Corporate Sector:

  •    Entry-level workforce

    1.       o Design of company specific training curriculum, materials development and training methodology

    2.       o Induction Training (including handholding)

  •   Experienced workforce

    1.       o Re-training

    2.       o Skills up-gradation / multi-skilling

  •   Frontline managers / Supervisors

    1.       o Frontline Leadership Development

    2.       o Lifelong Learning

  •   Higher Management-level

    1.       o Organizational Development (OD)

    2.       o Employee empowerment

Training Solutions – Government, INGOs & CBOs:

  •    Strategy development:

  • Before training is conducted, CVE undertakes local needs assessment (Jobs of the Future) to understand the employment market and skill requirements for persons with limited education

  •   Community level (focus on youth and women)

    1.       o Develop linkages with local business, industry and private employers (households)

    1.       o Design, develop and conduct Vocational and Technical skills training programmes

    1.       o Facilitate placements

  •    Capacity Building for NGOs

    1.       o Organizational Development

  •   Developed sustainability systems for Micro Finance Institutions

  •   Facilitated in establishment of Community Colleges

  •   Facilitated inter-state (Orissa/Gujarat) labour migration and its impact on the community

  •   Re-training

  •   Assessment / Evaluation

  •   Certification

The centre has a database of experienced, competent and capable faculty. The Centre designs and implements technical training programmes that is specific to clients’ needs. CVE & WD have among its staff and faculty recognized leaders in Vocational and Technical education.

Educational Institutions:

  •   Sri Krishna Polytechnic

  •   The Kavery Group of Institutions

  •   Tiruvalluvar Polytechnic

  •   Adiparasakthi Polytechnic

Company Specific Training – In house training School Customized training school for industry

The ‘Training School’ will impart relevant skills through a well designed and developed Training methodology Behavioral & Technical Skills for the entry level employees.

Training School aims at practical orientation (on the job training) of the newly joined employees before deployment. Through this school the employees learn about Workplace / Shop floor discipline, Understanding and following Work Instructions, SOP’s, Develop Safety and Quality Consciousness.The Industry benefits by training its employees in Multi-skilling approach, Flexibility in deployment, Life-long learning & Evaluation.